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EduQ’s main mission is to guide high school students through the application process, providing personal growth and the tools to achieve their dream of studying in US.

Acceptances in +15 American Colleges

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Processo de Application

Orientation with all the steps of the application process. EduQ Prep College acknowledges that the application process to US universities can be very complicated, because work as hard as possible to guarantee that our students know every single step of the application process.

Mentoria para Essays

Individual mentorship for essays. One other point of extreme importance in the application process are the essays. Usually, students need to write between 15 - 20 essays for college application. Because of that, EduQ provide the students with individualized mentorship!

Preparatório SAT e TOEFL

Preparation to the standardized tests (SAT, SAT Subjects, and TOEFL). EduQ Prep College aims to enhance the academic performance of its students, so they have all the tools necessary to face the application process.

Acompanhamento para cartas de recomendação

Orientation with recommendation letters. Throughout the application process, the students’ professors and counselors need to submit recommendation letters. In order to make the process even easier, EduQ helps the teachers and counselors with this new challenge!

Acompanhamento Extracurricular

One of the key points in the application process is the engagement in extracurricular activities. Because of that, EduQ Prep College focus on helping the students to excel in the activities they love.

Formulários e documentos

Every year, students have to fill tons of personal and financial documents. Because of that, EduQ offers guidance to its students so they can avoid any mistake while filling the forms.



"Not long ago, I was part of the millions of Brazilian students who invest every year energy to achieve a dream: college acceptance. After much dedication, time, sacrifices, and frustrations, this dream came true for me; and in a particularly satisfactory way. However, I would certainly have faced a much more difficult course had it not been for Eduq's support. EduQ provided me with information and guidance vital to my success, making approval not only a possibility, but a predictable consequence. Thanks Eduq !!!!! "

                                                                                                       - Flávio Félix (accepted to 8 colleges)


Worldwide recognition. Many of the best universities in the world are in the USA!

Liberal Arts system. In US colleges, the students explore a diversity of areas before actually deciding which majors and minors they want!

Advanced structures. The US colleges have laboratories, libraries, sports centers, and many other buildings with high quality infrastructure.

Opportunities. In US colleges, the students have thousands of opportunities to explore different skills and cultures.

Extracurricular activities. The universities offer many activities to the students, ranging from dance, music, and even Quidditch!

Networking. The US universities offer different ways to enhance students' professional lives. The institutions usually bring leaders from all over the world to talk to the students!


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